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Prosecco DOC bedeutet auch Kultur, Kunst, Natur und ein Territorium, das nur darauf wartet, entdeckt zu werden.
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Prosecco DOC and raspberries Tiramisu


Prosecco DOC Dry

Tiramisù Prosecco DOC e lamponi
    30 Minuten

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200 ml double cream
250 g mascarpone cheese
50 g of icing sugar
1/2 vanilla pod (or a couple of drops of extracts)
4 savoiardi (aka lady fingers)
70 g of raspberries
2 tsp of Chopped pistachios to garnish
Basil leaves to garnish
Freeze dried raspberries to dust
70 ml of Prosecco DOC Dry
40 g of sugar
100 g of raspberries


To prepare the syrup, muddle the raspberries with the sugar and Prosecco DOC. Mix well until the sugar is dissolved and pass through a fine sieve to get rid of the seeds

Prepare the mascarpone mousse by whipping the cream with the icing sugar and the seeds of half a vanilla pod. When firm, fold in gently the mascarpone cheese and set aside either in a bowl or into a piping bag.

Dip the lady fingers into the Prosecco DOC syrup for a few seconds and get ready to build your tiramisù, either in a serving tray or individual cups.

Start with a layer of mascarpone mousse and top with the soaked lady fingers. Add a few pieces of raspberries along with a splash of syrup if you would like to add an extra boozy kick to your tiramisu. Repeat the sequence if you are building a layered tiramisu.

Finish with a layer of mascarpone mousse, dust with the powdered freeze dried raspberries and garnish with chopped pistachios and basil leaves.


Recipe by Danilo Cortellini



This isn’t really a dessert recipe but rather a quick trick to create a fancy pudding even without pastry skills. Therefore, feel free to reduce of increase the amount of sugar in the mascarpone mousse to your liking, it will not change the recipe. Same goes for the syrup, the more sugar you add the less you will feel the alcohol.


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