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Ancient history of Aquileia

There's genius in Aquileia 

The archaeological area is so significant that it has been recognised as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

For the Romans, Aquileia was a bulwark against invasion by hostile peoples from the Danube and it was also built to defend the eastern borders and increase already flourishing trade.

Among the places that have been brought back to life, you can visit: the Basilica of Santa Maria dell'Assunta which was built in the 4th century AD and stands in full glory in Piazza Capitolo. Inside the cathedral, you cannot fail to be amazed by the early Christian mosaic floor which represents a key element in the history of Italian art.

Another must-see attraction is the National Archaeological Museum of Villa Cassis which is good to visit whatever the weather. Inside, you can admire engraved gem stones, glass and amber, mosaic floors and many  other exhibits from ancient periods of history.

For real enthusiasts, there is also the Museo Paleocristiano (Early Christian Museum) where you can admire Greek and Latin Tituli (inscriptions) alongside other early Christian exhibits and over 130 inscriptions.

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