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Prosecco DOC, the symbol of Italian quality and style, is a wine that was born between the mountains and the sea.

The denomination is the driving force for growth and innovation.

The Consorzio di Tutela is an institution which aims to coordinate and manage the Denomination of Controlled Origin.

It was founded on 19 November 2009, shortly after Prosecco was recognised as a Denomination of Controlled Origin on 17 July.

The aim of the Consorzio is to voluntarily bring together the various groups of producers, individual and associated growers, winemakers and producers of sparkling wines in order to ensure development of the Denomination and compliance with the rules laid down in the official product specification.


Prosecco DOC facts and numbers


Main aims

Protecting and safeguarding product quality while enhancing the area of production.
Taking care of the Denomination's general interests.
Monitoring correct use of the Denomination.
Promoting and enhancing the image of the Denomination for consumers.

Total Prosecco DOC production in 2020


euros in turnover



The Denomination is the driving force for growth and innovation in the complementary sectors (manufacturing of equipment and machinery, packaging and transport).


(in hectolitres)