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01 April 2019

Prosecco DOC in the European Parliament

Inside the European Parliament in Bruxelles the exhibition “GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATIONS - ITALIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE” has been prepared, a journey to discover Italian cultural heritage in connection to the Geographical Indications. The project is realized thanks to the Qualivita Cultura project and is developed il collaboration with Aicig and Federdoc.

An enhancement process based on a cultural construction that puts light on the DOP and IGP agroalimentary and wine production which are able to develop, reinvent and stregthen the relationship between the products and the territory.

These food cultures are never static and are constantly renewed and added with new symbolic values also thanks to the continuous work of the Tutelary Consortia and of the companies in the enhancing of the products in connection to the original area.

The exhibition collects 24 tables of products selected among 800 Italian DOPs and IGPs, that are symbol of the relationship between food and culture - artistic and architectural goods, literature, influent personalities and much more. Also Prosecco DOP is present, telling its first historical testimonies from 18th Century.

Those examples have been selected in reference to the Treccani Gusto initiative, a research project started in 2018 in collaboration with the Enciclopedia Treccani Institute to show how the products with an indication of origin have been a central element in national identity for centuries.

The Geographical Indications show not only unique quality and organoleptic characteristics, but also the ability to cristalize in the memory and in the culture the histori, the symbols, the arts, the literature and many more activities; they also highlight how the DOP / IGP Regulations, developed by the EU in 1992 with the goal of stabilizing the rural development and protect the agroalimentary and wine products, represent also an advanced food labelling process which makes these elements of the European culture common heritage.

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