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Risotto with asparagus and Prosecco DOC by chef Danilo Cortellini


Prosecco DOC Extra Dry

Risotto asparagi
  • Directions

  • Cook
    30 minutes

  • Servings

  • Difficulty


20g green asparagus
80g finely chopped onion
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
280g Carnaroli rice
200ml Prosecco DOC
1 litre vegetable or chicken stock
40g grated Grana
30g butte
salt and pepper to taste
a little pea shoots to garnish


Cut the ends of the asparagus stalks. Peel with a vegetable peeler and boil in salted water for one minute. Allow to cool in cold water to preserve their green colour.

Slice the rest of the asparagus and keep to one side for the risotto. Boil all the peeled asparagus with a glass of water. Keep this asparagus stock to flavour your risotto. 

Fry the finely chopped onion for 10 – 15 minutes in a small pan with a little extra virgin olive oil and some salt. Set to one side when golden. 

Take a large pan, and start by heating the rice on a low temperature, adding oil and salt. When the rice is hot add the Prosecco DOC. Allow the alcohol to evaporate for 15 minutes and cover with a lid. Stir the rice occasionally and continue to cook. 

Halfway through cooking, add the onion and the asparagus stock to the rice. When the rice is nearly cooked, add the sliced asparagus.
Now it's time for the Grana and the butter, add to the pan with the rice and stir briskly.
To finish don't forget the Prosecco DOC to keep your risotto creamy. 


risotto grana

Credits: chef Danilo Cortellini. 


To further enhance the dish, add a little bit of extra virgin oilve oil and perhaps some asparagus as a final garnish. An extra touch for a perfect dish!

Find out more about Prosecco DOC and chef Danilo Cortellini, or visit his website.

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