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Winemakers DOC

Meet all Prosecco DOC winemakers.


Via Barucchella 10
31020 TV

T. +39 0422 743550 - F. +39 0422 803213


Via Postumia, a roman road leading to Aquileia, passes through San Polo di Piave. Braite owes its name to the Romans and it has been cultivated with vineyards by four generations of Facchin family, authentic “vignerons”, that get their wines from grapes. They take care of their 25 treasures, from flowering to harvest, from pressing to bottling and to marketing. DOC, Marca Trevigiana, sparkling, red and white wines. Prosecco DOC Frizzante has been awarded with the Golden Medal at Vinitaly 2014. The latest products come from Antichi Poderi of Conti Dalla Balla Nobile Giuseppina: Prosecco Millesimato, Extra Dry and Brut, and Il Roccolo Carmenere Marca Trevigiana IGT. Malanotte del Piave DOCG is the highest expression of the autochthonous grape variety Raboso Piave, without forgetting Prosecco Spumante Superiore di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene DOCG. For Casa Facchin wine is life, that is transmitted from father to son.


Established in 1987 by an old family of winemakers, Paolo and Giorgio Polegato’s Astoria prides itself on the quality of its products.
Astoria products are served in the most exclusive restaurants and wine bars.
Astoria sells wines produced at its own “Val De Brun Estate” in Refrontolo, in the heart of the DOCG zone Conegliano – Valdobbiadene.
Forty hectares, located in one of the most beautiful viticultural areas of Italy, famous for its clime, witness the rolling hills and the harmonious succession of vineyards.
Az. Agr. Borgo San Gabriele

Via Col de Fer,18
33077 PN

T. +39 340 740 5728


Farm located in the hills of Col de Fer in Caneva, where vineyards arise on extended and gentle slopes, collocated on terraces, typical of hilly areas.
The vineyards’ disposition requires that all the working phases are made by hand in accordance with tradition, from pruning to harvest.
Borgo San Gabriele produces Prosecco DOC Extra Dry and Brut Millesimato.

31049 TV

T. +39 0423 1916793 - F. +39 0423 1916793


Sui Nui, owned by Bressan brothers, is located in the famous Valdobbiadene area, province of Treviso. A young and dynamic company, that can boast a long family tradition, lasting for four generations.
“Sui Nui” connects the company to the territory, since this name was already present in the maps of XIX century identifying the locality in the municipality of Valdobbiadene.

Via Doge Alvise IV Mocenigo 57
31016 TV

T. +39 0438 995928 - F. +39 0438 996727


An ancient stone dated 1528 witnesses the presence of the Salatin family. The actual company was established after the Second World War by the brothers Cav. Antonio and Ercole. The company is managed with the same competence by the sons and grandsons of the founders still today, with the common thread of passion for vine-growing, wine-making and the scrupulous attention to details. The winery and its 34 hectares is located in a hilly area between the Treviso’s Prealps, an area particularly suited for viticulture already in the XV century, in the middle of some wine sites of great quality like Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Grave del Friuli and basin of Piave river. Italian tradition for viticulture finds its highest expression in these areas and Salatin company is part of it thanks to the generosity of these lands and to the accurate care for them.

Via Alnè Bosco 23
31020 TV

T. +39 0423 985362 - F. +39 0423 871023


La Tordera is situated in Vidor, municipality of Treviso, surrounded by the hills in the middle between the level ground and the Dolomites of Belluno. Here for more than 100 years the Family Vettoretti have been cultivating an area particularly suited for the production of sparkling wines. The love for the land has been handed down from one generation to another till the fourth generation, which runs La Tordera respecting the traditions, but with a close eye to the future. In this way the philosophy of Natural Balance was developed, a balance between past and future, in a circular production process followed directly by the Family Vettoretti, from the vineyards to the bottle. This results in genuine products, with reduced amount of solphites and high in quality.


The farm “Barro Sante” was established in the early years of the XX century; the founder Sante Barro was already appreciated at that time for the quality of his production. Since then passion and commitment for vine-growing and for production of high quality wines has remained unchanged. Today the grandson named Sante, like the grand-father, thanks to his children's help, continues the family tradition.


For four generations Biasiotto name has been linked to the production and to the sale of still and sparkling wines. Luigi, the founder’s grandson, and the children Andrea and Tatiana continue the long family tradition, keeping unchanged the company’s philosophy, oriented towards quality and towards customer’s care with a high price/quality ratio. This is possible, because the company produces everything on its own: “…from the vine…to the bottle”.

Via S. Michele 3
31010 TV

T. +39 0438 488290 - F. +39 0438 489550


A tradition’s quality

Art inside passion

Ancient lands history

Geographical position, quantity of solar radiation, humidity and temperature made the lands on the Conegliano Valdobbiadene slopes unique.
The farm La Jara is located exactly in these wonderful lands, near “Grave di Papadopoli”, and its vineyards extend until Piave river.

This land belongs to Marion family, owner of the company La Jara since 1981.
Love for the earth and its fruits has been transmitted from generation to generation and today is carried out by Massimo Marion and his brother Paolo, that manage the company since 1999 with renewed enthusiasm.

“La Jara” is a dialectal term referred to the “gravel”.
These lands made by pebbles store heat during the day and release it slowly during the night, exalting fresh and varietal scents.

In order to better exploit these characteristics, great attention has been dedicated to the cultivation, applying the biodynamic principles and with the accurate clones selection.
Today the company has different “cru”, having each particular peculiarities.


In 2001 in a special land in the mid-way between the mountains and the sea, in a corner of Veneto, made of real and sincere people, Barollo was founded.
The company includes 45 hectares of vineyards with autochthonous and international grape varieties.
Quality is our first commitment towards the consumer; it is also a work’s philosophy and a method, that we try to improve everyday like our wines.
Being Barollo is a new dimension in wine-making and wine-drinking.
The continuous search of different expressions of wine-communication leads us to explore new roads, that give an international character to our products.
Sales point open from Monday to Friday. Winery visits on appointment.