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16 февраля 2022

"The Italian Genio": fashion film presented by Prosecco DOC and Tuorlo Magazine

Best Commercial. Best Micro Short. Best Experimental Short, 2 times. Grand Jury Award.

If you're asking what list is this, the answer is quite easy: those are the prizes won by "The Italian Genio", the fashion film realized by Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC and Tuorlo Magazine.

A sperimental video that celebrates people, places and atmospheres of one of the most renowned and appreciated Italian excellences: Prosecco DOC.

The film recalls the most evocative images tied to Prosecco DOC, such as the ever-present bubbles and the iconic pop of the bottle, mixing them with other worlds, not always immediately connected to the wine world. The ambitious initiative underlines the synergy between Prosecco DOC with lifestyle and fashion, getting inspiration from their languages thanks to the enlightened direction of Wayne Maser, worldwide famous photographer and director particularly connected with the fashion world.

The international prizes the film has obtained are many: "The Italian Genio" is a winner in the "Best Commercial" category at the New York International Film Awards, it's “Best Experimental Short” at LA's Global Film Festival Awards and a finalist in “Best Experimental Short & Best Micro Short” at the Toronto Independent Film and at the Grand Jury Award in New York's Oniros Film Awards.

The film is part of a bigger project: a shot cut has debuted in the cryptoart world. Rewriting the branded content rules, "The Italian Genio" has been certified and protected by a "Non-Fungible Token" (NFT), a certificate that makes the digital cut a unicum, a real piece of art. Through a digital signature that certifies the property of the piece, with precise and specific information, such as the owner and the seller, the originality of the piece it easily recognized and confirmed.

The certificate has given the possibility to sell "The Italian Genio" as physical piece of art: on 12th October it was included in a charity auction organized by Christie's at the Principe di Savoia Hotel in Milan, during the event "La Vendemmia" by MonteNapoleone District. The whole profit was donated to Dynamo Camp, a non-profit organization based in Tuscany and commited in recreational therapy. It hosts children for their holidays and free time, during therapy or after hospitalization.




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